Jim Janicik is an experienced practitioner and instructor of traditional Chinese Neija (Internal Martial) arts, including Taiji Quan, Xingyi Quan, Bagua Zhang, and Neigong (Qigong) exercises. He has been studying and practicing these arts for over 30 years and holds multiple certifications in various lineages. Janicik offers instruction in Taiji Quan, including the Lao (Old) Yang Style, Lao (Old) Chen Style, and Secret Yang (Michuan) Family Style, as well as Neigong exercises such as Ba Duan Jin and Yijin Jing. He also practices and teaches Xingyi Quan, including the 5 Elemental Fists, Continuous/Linking Forms, and 12 Animals, and Bagua Zhang (Cheng Style). Janicik has been taught by renowned teachers such as Lu Hung Bin, Mfundishi Olafemi, and Nganga Tolonaa, and has received certifications in various styles and forms. He also is experienced in various weapons, including Taiji Sword, Xingyi Staff, Short Staff, Long Staff, and Whip Staff. Janicik’s teachings focus on promoting health, longevity, and internal cultivation through these traditional Chinese martial arts and exercises.